Vitamin C For Gout There Is A Caution If You Use It For Cure, although The Answer Is Yes

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Democracy was created inside the Greek political application and method of living. This phrase is construed by two Greek text i.e. “Demos” meaning individuals and “Kratos” indicating rule. Thus, democracy is actually the rule in the men and women. Democracy is stipulated inside a amount of types with regards to the articles and other content by which it really is simply being considered. Read More / Watch Episode »

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Types of Communication Practices

Developer Application developers create the systems that you simply take every day, for granted. For instance, that application that bands, performs or buzzes you out-of deep-sleep each morning? A software developer assisted design that. When you turn on your PC, pressing through social networking, your personal diary, audio and roll in to the office? Yes, software developers had in surrounding these, a big hand, also. You might commit your lunch purchasing, and before you make that massive purchase you verify your bankaccount equilibrium utilizing your cellphone. Read More / Watch Episode »

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A Conversation with Mark Kawika Patterson, Part 1

Mark Kawika Patterson served as Warden of the Women’s Community Correctional Center in Kailua on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, at the time this segment was shot. Currently, he heads the Hawai‘i Youth Correctional Facility.

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A Conversation with Mark Kawika Patterson, Part 2

In part 2, former Warden Mark Kawika Patterson speaks about the women’s creative writing project called the Prison Monologues, where incarcerated women write honestly about their past experiences. They then perform their work at schools, in hope to influence and inspire the younger generation to make better choices with their lives. This project represents these women’s efforts to give back to the community.

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A Conversation with Ernie Libarios Sr.

Ernest “Ernie” Libarios Sr., retired counselor at Leeward Community College for over 40 years, was one of the most popular professors on campus, due to his easy-going, warm, and genuine personality. In this interview, Ernie gives a wonderful history of an immigrant extended family in Hawai’i, as he narrates his own life story growing up on a variety of plantations on the Island of Hawaii.

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The went on rise in the Earths usual temps inside your weather plan constitutes climate change.

The went on rise in the Earths usual temps inside your weather plan constitutes climate change.

This really is confirmed through the a change in the weather periods as witnessed in the earlier years. Environmentalists and specialists claim that these a change in weather conditions are occurring from compact alternatives in your Earth’s orbit that change the sum of solar energy planet earth will get (Bell Technique and Whietley Strieber, the upcoming universal superstorm, 1999). Read More / Watch Episode »

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A Conversation with Kat Brady, Part 2

Running time approx. 32 min

In Part 2, Kat Brady, Coordinator of the Community Alliance on Prisons (CAP), further explains how the community can create a more effective and cost-efficient criminal justice system through Smart Justice policies.  As an example of Smart Justice, CAP introduced Justice Reinvestment to the Hawai’i State Legislature and succeeded in promoting passage of subsequent bills in 2012.  Justice Reinvestment will streamline the criminal justice system process and reallocate existing funds from incarceration to re-entry community programs, including parole and probation work.

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A Conversation with Kat Brady, Part 1

Running time approx. 30 minutes

Kat Brady is the Coordinator of the Community Alliance on Prisons (CAP), an organization that educates the people and lawmakers of Hawai’i about justice issues.  Whether sponsoring conferences or presenting testimony at the State Legislature, CAP advocates for solutions that have been proven and are scientifically sound.  Through educating the community on Smart Justice policies and Smart solutions/alternatives, CAP encourages people to look at the criminal justice system and society holistically.  This comprehensive approach has been proven to be cost-effective in decreasing crime, reducing imprisoned populations, and builds safer communities.

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A Conversation with Toni Bissen, Part 2

Running time approx. 28 minutes

In Part 2 of this two-part interview, Toni further discusses the Pu’a Foundation’s work at the Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC), including sponsoring the Prison Monologues, live performances based on the writings of incarcerated women. The all-female prisoner cast of the Prison Monologues performs their own writings at schools, community organizations, universities, and government agencies, sharing true stories about their lives, their fears, their relationships with their families, and their personal transformation.

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